27Ağustos 2020

BAŞLANGIÇ: Ağustos 27, 2020 BİTİŞ: Eylül 1, 2020

Kepez - ANTALYA / TURKEY 27th of August - 01th of September 2020



International  Kepez Folk Dance Festival has started organising art&culture activities since 2015.  We -Festival Committee- have aimed to unite the feeling of sharing,friendship ,love and respect to all people from all over the world on a common platform.  In this context,  we have dedicated ourselves to make this topic happen by organising social and cultural events for 6 years. On the coast of Mediterranean, in the city of Sun, we have invited our guests to experience this peaceful atmosphere.


International Kepez Folk Dance Festival is organised by Kepez Municipality. Our organisation with its experienced staff search folk culture and  tries to make our public and all the people around the world enjoy and like folk dancing.


We believe that the basic principle to maket he world peace and friendship permanent and strong is bringing people together with various activities and let them learn how to share.

We will always intend to make the world’s youth believe that they can make the world more beautiful by emphasizing the importance of sharing and friendship.


We are honored and glad to serve for  the sake of world peace and friendship.


Kepez Antalya Folk Dance Festival Participation Groups - 2020

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Cultural Artıstıc Assoıcıatıon “Bašcaršıja”

BULAGRIA – Folk Dance Ensemble “SVETLINA”

COLOMBIA – Compañía Artística Manglares

CROATIA - Folklore Ensemble “Oštrc”

CZECH  REPUBLIC - Dance Group Motovidlo

GEORGIA - TSU Flying Georgians

INDIA - Sanjh Internatıonal Folk Academy

LITHUANIA - Folk Dance Group „Siaustinis“

MACEDONIA - Folk Dance Ensemble Goce Markoskı

MEXICO - Ballet Folclórico Ciudad de Zapopan

MONTENEGRO - Cultural Artıstıc Socıety “Njegoš”

PARAGUAY - Grupo Folklórico de Musica y Danza Pilar Jeroky

POLAND - Folkgroup “Roztocze”

ROMANIA - The Folkloric Ensemble Timişul

SERBIA - Folk Ensemble of Cultural House Pirot

SRI LANKA - Ranranga Dance Academy

SLOVAKIA – Folk Dance Ensemble  ‘’Rozmarija’’

UKRANIE -  Folk Dance Ensemble "KYIV" of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts


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